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Financial Management Services

If organizing your finances and tracking your day-to-day expenses have become too daunting a task for you or someone you love, I will work with you to reduce this stress.

Possible tasks:

  • Set up technology solutions to simplify financial tasks. Online bill paying, automatic payments.
  • Organize your files so bills and statements are readily available and documents are at-hand.
  • On a one-time or ongoing basis, sort, review and pay bills. Go through mail to make sure all bills are addressed.
  • Compile financial information required for mortgage, school financial aid, or other document intensive applications.
  • Review and reconcile bank, credit card and investment statements.
  • Establish budget and spending plans and help monitor progress.
  • Manage medical bills and insurance reimbursements.

Office Organization Services

If your office is a mess, or your documents (hard copy or digital) are out of control, let us work together to bring order to the chaos.

Possible tasks:

  • Organize the piles of paperwork into a manageable system. Declutter your environment.
  • Rearrange your office to better support your needs.
  • Create ongoing systems to maintain your paperwork or electronic information.
  • Organize your digital and hard-copy files so documents are readily available.
  • De-clutter your email. Implement technology solutions to help you stay on top of your email.
  • Establish digital and hard-copy file document management systems.

Here are some more specific examples.

  1. We work together to clean up your home clutter and create ongoing processes that create a calm, stress free working environment.
  2. I work with you to organize your digital life – clean up your email, organize your digital files, set up digital processes to help you maintain an organized electronic life.
  3. I show you how to streamline parts of your financial management. Perhaps you’d like to set up some automatic bank payments to pay your bills. Maybe your medical statements are out of control. I will work with you to clean up these problem areas and create systems to minimize your workload going forward.
  4. Under your direction, I manage parts or all your financial management. This might include bill paying, account reconciliation, preparing checks for signature, establishing budgets or gathering documents for taxes. This might be a onetime arrangement, or an ongoing arrangement depending on your needs.

We are help you to grow your business

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